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How to bulk search people on LinkedIn with Google Sheets

If you have ever tried to keep your contacts data up to date? Their current company, job title job title information of your contacts, I’m sure you know this is a long, tiresome task.

And after each time you reach their profile on Linkedin, you have to manually copy paste it to your Google Sheet or CRM. nobody likes that.

Going bulk with Linkedin search

So what can we do at this point? go to Linkedin?

Well, you can use the Linkedin sales navigator. but of course, besides this a paid tool, you can download contacts in bulk.

The issue is, you’re not going to get any direct links for those searched profiles. so you’ll have to visit them one by one – and still the same problem is there. A waste of precious time.

So what can you do about it?

There are a few tools out there that can help you, but some of them requires you to connect to your Linkedin account – which might be risky if you’re overusing it.

Others, like those I’m going to show does not require your credentials and safer to use.

Search by job title & location (bulk)

If you’re looking for a specific role, or a location (or both) – HR candidate search can be a great help.

It allows you to choose a role, location and go.

Here is a short demo ->

A link to the addon (free to use)

Search by a list of names (bulk)

When you already have a list of names to track, this couldn’t be more easy.

The Linkedin bulk search addon for Google sheets let’s you iterate over all of those and update their contact information.

Adding more information such as the last company you know the person worked at and the last title will help the addon to find the right person.

The biggest advantage here is how fast it works – after a few second you’ll see the full list in your own spreadsheet.

A demo of this google sheet addon ->

A link to the addon (free to use)

Closing remarks

By using those tools I saved days of tedious work – I hope you will too.

Happy searching.

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